September 2016

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Andrew Turner Speaks Out
The Executive Chef of private members club Alfred's of Mayfair, London has some stern words for those who would poach staff.
Inside Look
play Fine Food 2016 Review
For the past 32 years Fine Food Australia has opened its doors to tens of thousands of visitors. With the most recent event having just concluded in Melbourne, we take a look at the latest foodservice innovations that were on display.
Up Front
play Fonterra Battle of the Pacific
Fine Food 2016 was the host for the Fonterra Battle of the Pacific Competition and Australian Culinary Federation President Neil Abrahams was on location to bring you the inside story on the event including interviews with participants.
play Open House News Review
Join Sheridan Randall, the editor of highly regarded Open House Foodservice magazine, as he brings you a rundown of the latest stories that are hitting the foodservice headlines.

Golden Girls
play Women in Competition
For many years foodservice has been a male-dominated world but now women are joining in ever increasing numbers and finding their own place in the spotlight, as this interview with  female competitors in the Nestlé Golden Chefs Hat Award shows.

play Nestlé Golden Chefs Hat Award - Vanessa Mateus
Winning the Nestlé Golden Chefs Hat Award sets you on the path to success, opening doors you may never have thought possible - as this interview with 2006 winner Vanessa Mateus shows.
The Olympic Chef
play Part 4: After the Games
In the final of this interview with Peter Wright, Managing Director of Global Hospitality Group, he takes a look back at the experience of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and how some of the key challenges were met.

At Piatella Cafe in Melbourne they've built a successful business on the hero product of crepes topped with Nutella.
These hardworking foodservice professionals are true Nutella Heroes - exemplifying dedication and commitment to quality.

The double action holes in CHUX Superwipes trap dirt and absorb spillages including grease, fat and oils.

Available in Original and Heavy Duty varieties, they cope with any cleaning or wiping task.  CHUX Original Superwipes are also colour coded, coming in five varieties for use in different areas to help protect against cross-contamination, while Heavy Duty Superwipes are available in three different colours.

After using one style of cheese for over 18 years, long-established Brisbane pizzeria Arrivederci was forced by rising costs to change to a brand which proved to be inferior.

The Perfect Italiano team came to the rescue, working with staff to trial Perfect Italiano Mozzarella on their pizzas over several nights of service. Customers and staff alike were very happy with the results and they haven't looked back!


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