November 2016

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Hello London: Matt Davies
Matt Davies, Executive Chef for five venues owned by the Lewis Partnership in the UK, oversees more than 40 hardworking chefs and shares his mentoring philosophy with us.
Inside Look
play Teage Ezard
"In every large city in the world fine dining has a place, a market." Teage Ezard, owner of Ezard and Gingerboy Restaurants, argues there will be always a demand for fine dining, as people in urban centres always have occasions to celebrate.
A Chef's Story
play Bethany Claire Cakes
Bethany Finger discovered her calling as a pastry chef in the early days of her apprenticeship and after competing in the Nestle Golden Chef's Hat Award in 2003 started her own business, Bethany Claire Cakes which has proven a great success.
play Carlita Warren Speaks Out
Carlita Warren, Policy & Public Affairs Director for the Restuarant & Catering Industry Association, says a shortfall of 123,000 chefs is anticipated by the year 2020 and that there needs to be greater recognition of the public's expectation for foodservice businesses to be open longer hours.
Up Front
play Latest Competition News
In this issue's Up Front report, Australian Culinary Federation National President Neil Abrahams gives us the latest news from the competition front, including the National Apprentice Competition which saw a clean sweep for Western Australia.

play Open House News Review
The latest in our regular series of hard-hitting news updates with Sheridan Randall, editor of highly regarded Open House Foodservice magazine. Check out the latest stories and topical issues to hit the foodservice headlines.

play The Right Oil for the Job
William Angliss Institute has paired up with Peerless Foods and is using their Formula 40 oil with great results. Mark Agius of William Angliss explains why the institute decided to go with Formula 40 and the importance of choosing the right oil for the job.

Tip Top Foodservice's range of frozen everyday and breakfast breads are the perfect addition to your menu and they'll keep in the freezer for up to four months. The everyday range includes old favourites such as Tip Top Superthick, White, Wholemeal and Grain while the breakfast range features Golden Pancakes, Tip Top Raisin Toast, and the English Muffin.

In this video Mal Gill of Shady Palms & The Milk Factory shows how to use the Tip Top English Muffin to make a "B-Hal-T" - the "Hal" standing for haloumi.

Melbourne chain Brunetti has established itself as a premier tourist destination as well as a popular eatery for locals. At its flagship cafe, the interior is themed so customers feel they are taking a passeggiata (leisurely stroll) through an Italian town.
Bruentti's Fabio Angele is another Nutella Hero - a hardworking foodservice professional who exemplifies dedication and commitment to quality.

A club in Sydney’s southwest may not be the place you’d expect to find an authentically themed Italian streetscape, but in Bankstown Sports Club, restaurateur Mario Libertini has brought the vibe and taste of “the old country” to Sydney in suitably stylish surroundings.

La Piazza is not just one restaurant but an entire courtyard precinct within the club. Foodservice veteran Mario and his head chef Stefano Brombal have recently changed their pizza cheese, replacing the brand they’d previously been using with  Perfect Italiano Ultra.


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