August 2016

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Phil Howard Part 1
Phil Howard, longtime chef and co-owner of London's prestigious The Square Restaurant, explains the reasons behind his  decision to start fresh with new venture Sonny's Kitchen in Barnes.
Up Front
play The Challenge of Competition
Australian Culinary Federation President Neil Abrahams gives us a preview of what to expect in coming months including Fine Food 2016 in Melbourne, where the Battle of the Pacific is again due to take place, along with the Nestlé Golden Chefs Hat finals.
play Open House News Review
Join Sheridan Randall, the editor of highly regarded Open House Foodservice magazine, as he brings you a rundown of the latest stories that are hitting the foodservice headlines.
Inside Look
play Chef Chat - San Telmo
San Telmo is known for its authentic Argentinian cuisine and head chef Chris Moran believes in the philosophy of meat cooked simply. An authentic parilla grill is the centrepiece of his kitchen, imparting a flavoursome charred character to his meat.

play Nestlé Golden Chefs Hat Award Revisited
Competing in the Nestlé Golden Chefs Hat Award is a great way to hone your skills and expand your knowledge as you rub shoulders with top notch chefs. As co-winner Beth Finger discovered for herself when she entered the competition in 2003.

play Pat Stobbs of Nestlé
It's the end of one era and the beginning of a new and exciting one for Pat Stobbs from Nestlé Professional as he says goodbye to Australia after 11 years. In this farewell interview he talks about his time spent here and what the future holds.
Design Matters
play Part 2: Staying Ahead
In the second part of our interview with Danielle Visione, Principal at branding and design firm Design Portfolio,  she points out the importance of not only keeping up with, but in fact staying ahead of fashions.

Melbourne chain Brunetti has established itself as a premier tourist destination as well as a popular eatery for locals. At its flagship cafe, the interior is themed so customers feel they are taking a passeggiata (leisurely stroll) through an Italian town.
Bruentti's Fabio Angele is another Nutella Hero - a hardworking foodservice professional who exemplifies dedication and commitment to quality.

HUG, Europe's number one pastry case brand is now available in Australia. HUG pastry cones are made from the finest quality ingredients using natural raw materials and are preservative free with only minimal additives.

In this video Brigid Treloar shows how HUG delivers what it promises -  its pastry cones are individually packaged to reduce breakage, and each cone comes with its own foil sleeve. The packaging doubles as a stand for easy filling and each box also comes with its own serving stand.

GLAD Bake features a silicone coating on both sides to prevent food from sticking, eliminating the need to butter, flour or spray trays and tins, and peels off easily. You can use it for baking, microwaving, covering and interleaving.
Available in specially designed widths to fit conventional bakers’ trays, GLAD Bake is heat resistant to 230°C and waterproof too.


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